Plays available through New Play Exchange (NPX) at


Girth, a one-act play, video, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, April 2021.


Heart, a play in 150 words, video, Barely Seen, February 2021.


The First Impression, podcast, Open-Door Playhouse, October 2020.


During the summer of 2013, Suzanne blogged her experience on working as a dramaturg with Mark Bly and the National New Play Network at the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington DC.


Featured on Colorado Public Radio, use this for an audio link for the poem En Pointe


Search several poems, past events, and an article on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in The Daily Sentinel newspaper.


Poems that have been featured in Poets' Corner in The Aspen Daily News.


Suzanne’s first book of poetry, Passion Play, was published through Mestiza Press of Los Angeles in 2007. 

A Gracious Breath

 Draped beyond the blossoms,

A gracious breath away -

Your mouth was made

To fit with mine,

But this is the secret

That is mine alone.

Say It Will Be

Say there will come a time

When my hair will lie across his breast

And I will hear his heart beating

Instead of it calling to mine               

At a distance.

Say there will come a time

When I will know

The taste of his mouth

And I can give myself to him

With quivering emotion.

Say there will come a time

When he will say my name

Above the tension and the ecstasy

And I will know his love in return

From the look in his eyes.


The Keeper of Days is Suzanne's 2010 collection of poetry from Farolito Press of Colorado.

Ten Thousand Sparrows


We Do Not Tell, We Do Not Gather

I will know the ghosts

you created and you will know mine

by a look,

by your listening

or lack of either –

because we do not stand and state

our names – real or imagined,

but we find each other.

These are the stories we don’t tell

but keep in a compact

in the small fastened compartment

of a make-up bag –

accepting its presence in

the thin silky material, the bulging outline

with zippered teeth

tightly closed. 

Something That Sings

I want to write something,

something that sings.

That will speak of the philosophy

and loneliness

and a young girl’s heart –

the soul of a dance.

It must ring of truth and lies and

not fade away,

of misplaced passion and deceit,

of tears I won’t admit.

A doctrine for the game 

that lovers play 

the rules I cannot compete.


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